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KHRecharged is a Kingdom Hearts fan-based website, which connects you to the Kingdom Hearts series. Other fan-based websites (whether it’s from the Kingdom Hearts series or some other video game series) features their own creativity just like KHRecharged. On the left hand side panel (navigation) are affiliates that we or other websites have asked to join partnership. If you are interested in exchanging links, please let us know by contacting us directly at or use the form below.

Description for Applying as an Affiliate:
Affiliation is a great way to partner up with other fan-based websites, benefiting in sharing traffic. Many fan-based websites cannot be found due to the lack of partners or listings that can be found in search engines such as Google. If you’re to become a partner with KH-Recharged, we would love to affiliate. Please follow our requirements below, before applying as an affiliate.

» Any sort of pop-ups is unacceptable.
» You must have a domain. We do not accept sub-domains.
» We only affiliate with websites that are based off of gaming or Disney.
» Your site must be easy to navigate.
» Grammar plays a huge part. Please have correct punctuation and spelling.

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