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KH-Recharged (which was known as Chaotic-Gaming) has your exclusive interview, which you can only find right here and at our partnership website KH-Vids. Get the latest scoop from voice over “Quinton Flynn”, who has also voiced in the Metal Gear Solid series. Interview contains questions and answers with Mr.Flynn, plus his advice for fans that are looking into some voice over workshops in their area.

Quinton Flynn has voiced as Axel in KINGDOM HEARTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories, KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days and now as Lea in the PSP title KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, which is set for release on September 7th 2010.

Check out our video below, which features Mike and Quinton Flynn in an exclusive interview that prepares fans for the next KINGDOM HEARTS title. Are you game?

Mike: Hey guys, Mike here from KH-Vids and Chaotic-Gaming. Today we have an exclusive interview with Quinton Flynn who has been involved in the KINGDOM HEARTS series. Our first question today…is in regards to your recent work. We know that you are involved in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, but what are you up to right now?

Quinton Flynn: Most recently I’ve done Guild Wars, which is the most recent video game I’ve done voice acting for and of course I also played Lea, who is a different version of Axel in KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep. I believe he will be saying his trademark “Got it memoriezed” in that game as well…if I’m not mistaken.

Mike: You mention your role for KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep. Can you tell us if Lea has a very small or big role in the game? It appeared to be a very small role, but I wasn’t too sure.

Quinton Flynn: I don’t know how inter-go the role is. It’s a smaller role, but he is there nonetheless.

Mike: This is actually a question I wanted to ask you for quite some time. What’s your favorite quote from Axel? I’m sure it’s “Got it memorized”?

Quinton Flynn: Well it is “Got it Memorized”. It’s probably because it’s the one that I’m always saying over and over and over and it’s been so long since I’ve recorded that I really don’t remember the other quotes so well.

Mike: So, “Got it memorized” is definitely one of your favorite quotes, right?

Quinton Flynn: Absolutely!

Mike: Alright, great! So, let me ask you…have you seen much of the new game from the KINGDOM HEARTS series?

Quinton Flynn: I saw something online the other night. It was like a fandub and it was pretty interesting, but I haven’t seen the original itself. Have you seen it?

Mike: Yea, a lot of the trailers have been released finally. About the fandub stuff, my team and I from KH-Vids we dubbed a lot of the scenes before it was even in work for North America because the Japanese version was already released. so, I got someone to translate it and we had some fun dubbing it.

Quinton Flynn: Who knows…maybe the one I saw was yours.

Mike: Yea, I did send you the link, but I’m not sure if that was the one you saw. It was a lot of fun.

Quinton Flynn: Yea, that was probably it. Pretty cool.

Mike: Thanks. Alright, next question. Did you find it difficult at all to voice Lea? Did Square-Enix want you to deliver the voice in a different way, because Lea appeared to be younger?

Quinton Flynn: No they kept it the same…really. There wasn’t a whole lot in difference. The only difference would be his his name…and his wardrobe and his hair! It was a little shorter.

Mike: Alright, so…if there could be another character that you could voice from the KINGDOM HEARTS series, who would it be and why?

Quinton Flynn: That’s a good question. Hmmm

Mike: I know names might be such a blur to you right now because you work on a lot of video games, especially I heard Metal Gear Solid, right? So, I’m not sure if you are having any problems remembering any characters, but if you describe it, I can name who ever it is that you are figuring out.

Quinton Flynn: Just for the fun of it, I would probably want to play Roxas. Just because…being able to play opposite of my character. It would be fun to play that range.

Mike: Out of the three titles you worked on…you’ve done KINGDOM HEARTS II, KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days and KINGDOM HEARTS Re:Chain of Memories. So, out of the three titles, what would you say you mostly enjoyed working on? I mean, you worked more on KINGDOM HEARTS II, so I could see why you would say that, but we are interested in hearing which one you enjoyed the most.

Quinton Flynn: Yea, KINGDOM HEARTS II, I seem to have the most work on and most involved in. So, I think that game is my most satisfaction.

Mike: Alright, our last question for today. What advice would you give to somebody who would want to be a voice over? We talked about it before, but can you just let the viewers know what your advice would be.

Quinton Flynn: Sure! I would look up voice over workshop classes, voice over workshops or voice over classes in your local area. You might be able to Google search that on your computer and get into a class for voice over training. Whether it’s for commercial, animation or both. And with that, they generally lead you to voice over casting directors and or voice over agencies. Usually you get that through a voice over workshop. You want to get the tools and the skills so you are able to act with a microphone, because voice acting is more than just the voice.

For more on this scene, check out our video!

Mike: With that said, is there anything you would like to tell the KINGDOM HEARTS fans?

Quinton Flynn: I want to thank all of your for your support out there! I really appreciate it. It’s been great to be able to see everything you put out there on the internet. It really makes it all worthwhile for me. It’s nice to be able to get that back, because once we do our job, once the game goes out…that’s kind of it. We don’t see anything else. We don’t see any of the audience responds. So, to be able to see what the fanbase has to say out there is a thrill! I just want to thank everybody for all of your questions and all of the things you have done, whether it’s been the fandubs or drawings and anything of pictures and commentary…it’s all been great.

Mike: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep releases in North America and Europe on September 2010. I just wanted to thank Quinton Flynn for joining us tonight and we look forward to doing another one of these real soon guys. Take care!

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