Release Dates: JP (06/30/2009) | NA (09/29/2009) | EU (10/08/2009)

Roxas and Axel are sitting high upon the station’s clock tower, watching the sunset. It’s what they always do. When the day’s work is done, they meet up here and trade stories over ice cream.

Bet you don’t know why the sun sets red. You see, light is made up of lots of colors. And out of all these colors, red is the one that travels the farthest.

Like I asked! Know-it-all.

They laughed genuine laughter-no simple achievement for two people with no hearts to feel with. To Roxas, this daily dose of mindless conversation has been part of his life with Organization XIII since the very beginning.

If she hadn’t joined the Organization-the fourteenth member-how different would these days have been?

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