Kingdom Hearts 3

JP (01/25/2019) | NA (01/29/2019) | EU (01/29/2019)
After the events of Kingdom Hearts 2, Re:Coded and Dream Drop Distance, Sora learns more about his upcoming journey that he must embark on. Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s new mission begins at the Olympus Coliseum and continues through various Disney and Pixar worlds as they are looking to put an end to Master Xehanort, whose human form has returned after his heartless and nobody were defeated. It is up to Sora and his friends to defeat Master Xehanort, help those who have been suffering for over a decade, and prevent the next Keyblade War from occurring.

» Chronology: The story from start to present

» Don’t Think Twice: Lyrics from ending theme

» Face My Fears: Lyrics from opening theme

» Secret Reports: Written entries from the Organization

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