Sora’s Tales

Our friends may be here…

It was that thought that led us to castle Oblivion, where cards rule over all.

A mysterious man gave Sora a card, and using it took us to Traverse Town of all places!

It turned out the town was just a figment of our own remembrances, the first world of many that lie in Sora’s heart.

And so our journey through these worlds begins.

Sora’s Tale: II

It seems we’re slowly losing our memories of what happened before the castle.

And all my notes about the last journey have vanished! But in exchange, Sora is remembering other things he must have forgotten until now like a girl he knew when he was little.

While fighting Larxene, Sora finally remembered the girl’s name…Namine.

Sora’s Tale: III

Sora pressed on in his search for Namine and can you believe it?

He found Riku, his best friend whom we thought was lost. Sora was so happy, but Riku attacked him just like that, saying “I’ll protect Namine!” What could he mean?

Will something happen if Sora finds Namine? Sora is chasing after Riku…and the answers.

Sora’s Tale: IV

So Sora’s memories of Namine were false…Marluxla wanted Sora’s heart and the strength within, so he used Namine to create fake memories and place them in Sora’s heart.

Larxene is gone, so we’re going to the top floor to finish Marluxia. We want our memories back. And Sora..he wants to keep the promise he remembers.

Namine may not be his friend, but in his heart, protecting her is the only choice.

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