Breaking News! According to Dengeki Online, the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded will contain an all new second secret ending. The first secret ending is one that helps connect the series to Dream Drop Distance, while this second ending will be our gateway into Kingdom Hearts III.

Dengeki Online’s public review closed with a note here, translated by Justin.

In the DS title (Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded), we were treated to a secret ending that led into (Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance). Because of that, we have another secret ending in there as well. After viewing the Cinematic HD Story events, there will be two secret events you can view. The latter is a new one that fans will definitely want to see, so please see it and don’t miss out.

Dengeki Online

This is truly ground-breaking news everyone! If the bonus preorder doesn’t drag you in to buy Kingdom Hears HD 2.5 ReMIX, this will.

This three-in-one title is set to release first in Japan on Thursday, October 2, 2014.

And will this secret ending be rendered under the new “Kingdom Shader” to help us ease into the next generation graphics? Stay charged with us at KHRecharged to help bring you closer to the future of Kingdom Hearts!

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