It appears that Aqua is quite the concern among the Kingdom Hearts community.

In celebration of the new E3 trailers, our team has scripted and voiced as Aqua, Ventus, Ansem (SOD) and Terra to speculate why Aqua fell to darkness. Joseluis Solorzano scripted the video, which captures Aqua lost once again in the Realm of Darkness. Just as she’s at her last breath, a familiar face appears to her. Can her friends rescue her by saving her light, or will she become a seeker of darkness?

The script comes alive with our voice actors (Mike Masi, AgentWhite, LunaMeng, and Stanpai) who we have casted through our fandub productions that can be found across the Kingdom Hearts community. Join our team as they craft a powerful and hopeful tale inspired by one of the biggest Kingdom Hearts 3 revelations of E3 2018!

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