The new secret movie from Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix has appeared early this morning, thanks to a YouTube user. The secret ending includes a conversation between Young Master Xehanort and Braig.

An update of an unofficial English dub has been performed by staff member Justin, both portraying the roles of Braig and Young Master Xehanort

The following translation has been provided by Goldpanner.


Braig: This was a pain to set up, but it looks like it went according to plan.
Braig: If our boss Xemnas isn’t here, that means it’s already started, hasn’t it?
YMX: Yeah.
Braig: Man, Grandpa Xehanort sure is scary.
Braig: How many steps ahead can he see?
Braig: Plus, I don’t actually really understand what his true goal is.
Braig: Do *you* even understand your own self?
YMX: The target I ought to head towards, my destiny, is decided.
Braig: In other words, you still don’t really understand, do you?
YMX: Most Keyblade Masters inherit a Keyblade that has been passed down.
YMX: This long history has seen the number of apprentices grow.
YMX: The number of passed down Keyblades has also grown, but,
YMX: among them, there is one blade older than all others…
YMX: The very Keyblade that Master Xehanort wields.
YMX: It’s a will that is passed on.
YMX: I don’t have it in my own hands yet.
Braig: I *see*.
Braig: So that, too, is connected to the Keyblade War, then.
Braig: Oh well. Guess I’ll head towards my own goals.
Braig: Then, who will I take with me?

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