With every entry, the Kingdom Hearts development team knows how to make every entry fresh one way or another. Kingdom Hearts III is no exception as Nomura stated in a Famitsu interview that this entry will be built upon Unreal Engine 4.

The direction for Kingdom Hearts III is a puzzling one in terms of graphics, veering away from the cartoon-like Disney designs we’ve grown to love over the series. Nomura-san gave reasons for this transition due to problems with the image creation during the development stage. However, this switch to Unreal Engine 4 is what is best for Kingdom Hearts III since they are collaborating with Epic Games.

Progress on Kingdom Hearts 3 is moving steadily along the estimated schedule. Changing the game engine to Unreal Engine 4, we did for several reasons. We had a lot of problems with the image creation, but we have been able to progress without incident with the collaboration of Epic Games.

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