KH-Recharged: Site History

KHRecharged opened in February 2005 and was known as Chaotic Gaming. Chaotic Gaming was a small fan-based website that featured over fifty pages of content that was written straight from the series. Chaotic Gaming offered it’s own special content, among updates that were reported from the anticipated release of Kingdom Hearts II and later Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix+.

Chaotic Gaming was fully launched and organized by Mike (CGNET). When Chaotic Gaming first launched in 2005, Mike was also contributing at KH-Network as one of the reporters. Mike later become a full reporter at KH Network along with Tomogirl, where he decided to shut down Chaotic-Gaming to continue working at KHN. Chaotic-Gaming was fully closed in summer of 2007, but the content from the website was donated to another Kingdom Hearts fan-based website, Kingdom Hearts Excursion.

In January of 2010, Chaotic-Gaming was fully brought back, establishing itself as a new fan based website, which would provide updates, over four-hundred hours worth of radio play, podcast episodes and more from the Kingdom Hearts series. When Chaotic Gaming re-opened, Mike returned as the webmaster, while reporting at KH-Vids. The Chaotic Gaming team expanded with additional staff members. NewKidaye, JetFire62, Chaser37, DJFirewolf and Llave all brought new features to the newly designed website at different times.

In July of 2010, Chaotic Gaming was renamed as KHRecharged. Due to the site name, fans weren’t able to tell that the website was geared towards the Kingdom Hearts series, which resulted in a name change. The release of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep was anticipated by many fans worldwide. Chaotic Gaming was re-named to KH-Recharged, and our team wanted to spread word about our website during the upcoming Kingdom Hearts title release. KHRecharged brought voice actor, Quinton Flynn (Axel/Lea), who take part in a promo commercial for the website, along with an interview. Additional interviews and promotional videos were provided in 2011 and 2012, which were recorded with Phil Snyder (Jiminy Cricket) and Richard Epcar (Xehanort) in celebration of the newly released titles, Kingdom Hearts ReCoded and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.

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