KH Recharged: Team

Name: Mike
Position: Webmaster
Age: 23
Location: New York, United States
Contact: Email | Twitter

Mike (also known as CGNET and Mike Masi) has been a reporter in the Kingdom Hearts community since 2006. He’s reported at Kingdom Hearts fan-based websites, KH Network, KH Ultimania and KH-Vids. Among owning KH Recharged, he also has his own resume website Mike Masi.

Today, Mike is commonly known for his Roxas/Ventus impersonations that has been seen in fandubs across the Kingdom Hearts community for eight years. Mike is the director and editor for a series of fandub productions. Michael usually dubs trailers and scenes from the Kingdom Hearts titles before their North American release and among providing his own voice, he also casts many fans from the community. He has also co-host in podcast episodes for both KHInsider and KH-Vids.

Mike has participated and observed in the productions of broadcast news interviews for 60 Minutes, ABC World News, Fox News and various corporate videos. He’s currently in college majoring in television and radio studies, along with spreading awareness to young adults about the dangers of bullying, drugs and alcoholism. He has voiced, acted, produced and distributed for movies such as Through Their Eyes (2010), Take It Or Leave It (2011), Fine Lines (2012) and High School: A Survivor’s Manual (2013).

User Name: Chaser37
Name: Justin
Position: Reporter
Age: 20
Location: Los Angeles, California
Contact: Email | Twitter | YouTube

As an avid reporter for video gaming news, Justin’s abilities are second-to-none when it comes to translating Japanese information straight from the source. He’s reported the latest on Kingdom Hearts for KHRecharged for two years and is still going strong, eagerly awaiting future development on the Kingdom Hearts saga.

Justin is a student pursuing an accounting profession while attending California State University, Northridge. He serves currently as a member and representative for both the Accounting Association and ALPFA, two business societies specializing in helping university students network with professional firms in their specific area of interest.

On the acting front, Justin enjoys performing on stage, camera, and in the recording booth for the cartoon, Japanese anime, live-action, and video game demographic. Several of his notable achievements include voicing for the Kim Possible spin-off series The Possible Missions (2013), CGNET Production’s Kingdom Hearts series as Mickey Mouse (2011), and acting in a variety of short film roles as a voiceover actor, stunt double, and on-screen actor. Justin’s universal mission statement is to help bring magic into the lives of others – with small acts of generosity do people arrive at large milestones.

User Name: DJ Firewolf
Name: Cole
Position/Status: Radio Provider
Age: 25
Location: New York, United States
Contact: Email | Twitter | YouTube

Working on and off as a reporter for various small sites in the KH community, DJ became more widely known when he released his KINGDOM HEARTS II script on GameFAQs.

As of Jan 2010, the script has received over 100,000 hits and his recently released script of 358/2 Days has also been met with positive notion. He considers KINGDOM HEARTS to be his obsession. Throughout his life, he has accumulated an extensive media portfolio of music videos, short films, and audio dubs (voice acting as Riku). One of his other hobbies include editing video games into movies and releasing them (with mild distribution) on DVD.

His recent works include FF7: Crisis Core and Final Fantasy XII, and has also been stepping into video game and board game design. Currently he is looking into colleges to decide what career path to take.

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