GNN spoke with Tetsuya Nomura during E3 to discuss all the latest information we received from the event.

In the interview, Nomura discussed a recap video that will summarize previous games before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3. The recap video will be uploaded online as soon as next month. The video will also be included in Kingdom Hearts 3.

As of now, the Japanese recording has been completed. Nomura also revealed that the video is an outline of the series, but may be a few hours long in length.

“In fact, we prepared an outline movie similar to the previous one for players who haven’t played or want to review the previous story, so that players can learn about the basic drama knowledge needed for the game. The Japanese version has been recorded, and it will probably be released this month. Not only will it be on the official website, it will also be included in the software. Because the series is a lot, although it is an outline, it may end up with a few hours of weight.”

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