Revisiting 358/2 Days  


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16/06/2018 1:52 am  

With all the hype of finally having a release date out, I decided to take a look at some past games to get a refresher. I decided to start with 358/2 Days. I always had trouble visiting this game again, and I wanted to see if it can hold up.

I'm at the first mission to Agrabah with Xigbar, and I like a lot of how the characters are written. They have a lot of personality and add depth to what I felt was missing in KH2. Really, the only bland thing is Demyx, who feels more like a joke character.

I think where it struggles is the gameplay. While fun, it's very repetitive. And its obvious that some levels are more skewed for multiplayer, so it doesn't always feel balanced. And recon missions can often feel like a chore.

I feel that if they did something more with the world storytelling, I would revisit the game more. That said, what I like about it still holds up. And since it's been so long since I have played it, I get the feeling of being challenged again.

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16/06/2018 9:44 pm  

I remember how I was surprised at the quality of the cutscenes and the story. I guess my expectation was that it was gonna be a bit more like Chain of Memories where it felt as if it was more about the battle system than the story. I could be wrong though since its been a long time! 

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17/06/2018 5:03 am  

I think I had a lot of expectations, and that's because Roxas is one of my favorite characters. It quickly became one of my least favorite games, which is sad to think about.

I also agree that the gameplay was a bit repetitive. 


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